Matrix cares is creating vibrant neighborhoods and communities, where everyone experiences a sense of belonging and connection to one another.


Matrix Cares is a leader in supporting Canadians to remain living in their homes safely and with dignity through innovative and compassionate community services. Our programs are focused on non-acute interventions that are proactive and solution-based to meet the changing needs of Canadians. Our services are focused on promoting wellness and social inclusion, and we strive to look holistically at not only the needs of our clients, but also their family and caregivers. In our ongoing efforts to proactively meet the needs of the communities we serve all across Canada, we are constantly innovating and seeking out new partnerships that will improve the wellbeing of our community

What we are doing

Community Kitchens Program

The Community Kitchens program brings a small group of individuals together to share skills, ideas and money to stretch their budgets and provide their families with nutritious meals.

Housing Support

The Housing Support program provides one-time financial assistance to families or individuals who are living in poverty or at risk of becoming homeless

Migrant and refugee services

The Canadian Red Cross helps migrant and refugee claimants who have been impacted by armed conflict and other emergency situations. Emergency relief is provided for up to 72 hours along with guidance on finding affordable housing, submitting refugee claims and finding employment, legal aid or social assistance


Thanks to your generous support, we’re investing every year in providing opportunities for everyone to realize a better future.

  • Programs moving people from poverty to possibility - 1,074
  • Support for nutritious and affordable food programs -$10 million
  • Investment in employment and financial literacy initiatives - $16.8 million
  • Resources for improving access to safe and affordable housing - $19.7 million